Anna Missiaia




My research interests are mainly focused on

European Economic History (in particular Italy, Austria and Sweden), Historical Economic Geography (Industrial Location, Market Integration), Wealth Inequality and

Property rights




On Regional Patterns:


Market vs. Endowment: Explaining Early Industrial Location in Italy (1871-1911)


Divided we industrialize: the persistence of pre-unitary borders in Italy's industrial geography (1871--1911)



The historical roots of regional divergence: Sweden, 1570-2010 (with Kerstin Enflo)


Regional GDP estimates for Sweden, 1571-1850 (with Kerstin Enflo)


Regional growth without urbanization: evidence from Sweden 1571-2010 (with Kerstin Enflo)


On Wealth Inequality:



The Wealth of the Richest: inequality and the Nobility in Sweden 1750--1900 (with Erik Bengtsson, Mats Olsson and Patrick Svensson)


Unequal poverty and equal industrialization: Finnish wealth, 1750–1900 (with Erik Bengtsson, Ilkka Numela and Mats Olsson)



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